About Us

A saree is a moment etched in the memory, longing to unveil itself, invoking our deepest desires and eliciting our inner most intimate beauty. It is an impression beyond the concept of time and space, opening gates to other realms in fashion.

Capturing curations by master weavers, ‘She is’ by Saipriya Tucker, House of Indian Sarees, brings you a collection of fine designs that define the art of Indian elegance and refinement in weaves from all over India. The prestigious blends experience a transformative process resulting in a promise of a long-lasting durability of the highest quality. 

Developed with exquisite detail and generous luxury, this art of saree weaving demands craftsmanship put together by immaculate skill, passion for the art and pride in using the finest materials.

Fervently researched through time and created with only the rarest and best of materials, each saree at ‘She is’ by Saipriya Tucker is an experience like no other, allowing women to unlock memories and shape experiences abound.